Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eric Cantor and The Only Real Tea Party Litmus Test

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor openly brags about gridlocking Washington. He's such a staunch enemy of conservation, he was named the #2 enemy of the Earth in Congress. He's refused to compromise his pro-tax cuts for rich people, anti-economic growth fiscal strategy even when Wall Street told him it was bone-headed. He stood by Tea Party principles even when it meant screwing superstorm Sandy victims in his own district.

And Cantor doesn't just stand with the Tea Party on policy positions - he does it with a pride that says we're better than those people.

But Cantor lost his Republican primary because ... apparently he'd "gone Washington," or something. Too willing to compromise! ... on what, exactly, no one can say.

Sure, he blocked immigration reform, but he didn't get it, man! It's not just about a federal policy that keeps immigrants as a permanent underclass - it's about wanting to get rid of all the brown people.

The truth is that Cantor failed the only real Tea Party litmus test, which is "Do you just want to watch the world burn?"

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