Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekend Update: Cafe & Relay

Isn't it nice to still be able to call Monday part of the weekend?

* I went to the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse this weekend to catch "The Departed." I'm sure the effect was exaggerated since grew up there and bad Boston accents are like nails on a blackboard for me, but everyone talked like they were doing a bad JFK impression. Good movie with a bad ending, but the fact that cold beer was served saved the evening. One thing I wasn't a fan of -- they gave us plastic utensils. Seemed wasteful.

* What's Up Eric pointed me to an event Front Page hosts every month called "Cafe Scientifique: A Place to Eat, Drink and Talk About Science." The next one takes place Tuesday, March 6th from 6-8pm and is titled "The 'Shocking' Science Behind Electric Cars." I have the CRM meeting that night, but I'll try to stop by!

* My friend Jen is helping organize the Arlington Relay for Life, being held in June at Wakefield High School. They're having a kickoff event Tuesday Feb. 20th at Mackey's in Crystal City, check it out!

* In the wake of DC's innovative move, another city is looking at adding rubber sidewalks. This time, it's Philadelphia.

* Funny story from the Post about a close encounter with a beaver.
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