Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Joys of Metro: Fun with Inefficiency

I'm poring over the roll call vote from yesterday's smoking ban vote, sorting the delgates by party and location. So far, I've already found one Democrat from Northern Virginia who voted against the statewide ban, Del. Charles Caputo of Chantilly. Anyone know what his deal is?

In the meantime, we'll continue this week's theme of the staples of lazy blogging. Yesterday it was a links list, and today it's bitching and moaning about something I have no control over.

Last night when I tried to get on Metro at McPherson Square at 6:10pm, this was the sequence of trains:

Blue (half-full)
Orange (too packed to get on)
Blue (half empty)
Blue (barren)
Orange (too packed to get on)
Orange (half empty, I finally got on this one)

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Googla Monster said...

Miles, My experience at the Rosslyn station has always been just the opposite. The Blue Line riders are the ones who get screwed with the dinky 4 car trains with 2 long Orange lines trains in between. Earlier this week, I gave up, went upstairs and took a train into DC to get out far enough out where I could actually get on the train. I don't know why Metro doesn't have some cars without seats for rush hour. I understand that the new Metro head guy has ideas for redoing the seating. That would be great.