Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Apparently I'm a Drink

I Googled "The Green Miles" the other day, and came across two different recipies for a drink called The Green Miles.

This one is mostly in Dutch, I think.

And this one doesn't seem very exciting, but at least it's color coordinated.

Any suggestions for my own The Green Miles drink recipie? I'm a big fan of the Charleston Bog at Indigo Landing, made with Maker's Mark bourbon, smashed raspberries, white cranberry juice, and for the green, crushed lime and mint. Maybe we could get them to make it with organic fruit and rename it The Green Miles, donating $1 from each drink sale to Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment?


Anonymous said...

Um, it's German :-)

Fillmore Martin Photography said...

you know you're bored...AND there is nothing on TV.. when you google yourself... :)

a drink with pepermint schnapps or triple sec.. would be 'green' color... oh.. a pepermint chocolate chip milk-shake!....but something organically produced.. and sold in a recycled bottle would be 'green miles-ish'...