Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Live Earth Odds & Ends: Perplexing Pledge, Supermodel's Slip, and John Mayer's New 'Do

A few leftover notes from Live Earth ...

* The pledge thing is still confusing me. If you go to LiveEarthPledge.org, you'll find a six-point pledge. But if you go down below the last point and click "CLICK HERE to read the Live Earth Pledge," you'll find a seven-point pledge that's completely different from the six points on LiveEarthPledge.org.

* The only athlete who appeared was NFL linebacker Dhani Jones, who has filmed some public service videos talking about the climate crisis. Coincidentally enough, Jones recently signed as a free agent with the New Orleans Saints, whose Superdome home was severly damaged by a global warming-fueled hurricane.

* Supermodel Petra Nemcova related her experience
surviving the Asian tsunami to the climate crisis, saying the tsunami showed we must respect nature's power. Then she inadvertantly introduced the next act as, and I am not making this up, "Ludachristmas."

* You can see photo galleries and videos from the shows at the Live Earth website. You can also see fan photos on Flickr.

* Read National Wildlife President Larry Schweiger's review of the event and his train ride up with Al and Tipper Gore at Larry's blog (yes, he's my boss, but I thought his first-person account was pretty cool).

* The most comprehensive article about the event I've seen so far came from the Washington Post's J. Freedom du Lac and Joshua Zumbrun.

* You know John Mayer isn't as hard a rocker as he'd like to be when he hits the stage and the first thing a girl behind me says is, "Awww ... he cut his hair!"

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