Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The World's Shortest Sidewalk

This sidewalk lies on N. Pollard St. near the corner with Wilson Blvd. across from the Ballston Gold's Gym. It's a total of two squares long, one on each side of the driveway.

When I see sidewalks like this, I want to meet their designer. Did they plan for just two squares of sidewalk? Did they plan a whole sidewalk, then run out of money after just two squares? Were they caught in the grips of the Great Concrete Shortage of '96?

The Washington Post documented the phenomenon in a great story back in 2004. A Walk on the Wild Side chronicled the reporter's attempt to walk the length of Route 50, encountering abruptly-ending sidewalks (and worse) all along the way.

What's your nominee for least-pedestrian friendly road in Arlington (or Virginia or DC)?

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Anonymous said...

that's funny. i would like to know what the inspiration was. maybe he or she was trying to boldly proclaim that sidewalks are over rated? it seems pointless, but maybe that was the point?