Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lung Assoc. Urges Webb to Co-Sponsor Anti-Smoking Bill

Regular readers know I'm a big supporter of smoking bans in bars and restaurants. Or at least in Virginia, the ability of communities to make their own decisions about such things.

So tobacco issues catch my eye, and I was surprised to see our own Sen. Jim Webb featured on this request for volunteers from the American Lung Association Of Virginia Legislative Advocacy Network:

It's hard to believe, but every day 1200 people die from smoking-related causes. This summer Congress is acting to help stop this deadly toll and make sure the tobacco companies stop marketing to our kids. But we can't pass this life-saving legislation without your help!

We're launching a grassroots campaign in Virginia to support the Family Smoking Prevention and Control Act (S.625). From July 31 to August 31, we are asking Virginians to contact Senator Webb and as him to support the Family Smoking Prevention and Control Act (S.625). It's easy, and we're not asking for a lot of time.

We hope that with the encouragement of thousands his constituents, Senator Webb will sign on as a co-sponsor of S. 625. This bill would give the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority to regulate tobacco products. This legislation would provide the FDA with the tools and resources necessary to effectively regulate the manufacturing, marketing, labeling, distribution and sale of tobacco products, and in turn help prevent our youth from making harmful and potentially fatal decisions.

This bill already has 53 sponsors in the Senate. However, we still need to convince Senator Webb to get on board. We're close but he really needs to hear from citizens who care about public health. We can't wait, each day 4,000 kids will try smoking for the first time and 1,000 will become addicted.

Will you join thousands of concerned citizens and help pass this historic bill by volunteering on August 25?

WHERE: Del Ray Farmer's Market, Oxford Avenue & Mt. Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA
WHEN: Saturday August 25, 2007, 8am – Noon
WHAT: We will be circulating petitions and gathering signatures.

email Carrie for more details.

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