Friday, April 18, 2008

Saturday: Clean Out the Garage at Arlington E-CARE

Tomorrow from 8:30am-3pm at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Arlington County will be hosting its spring E-CARE! The Arlington Environmental Collection and Recycling Event gives you a chance to recycle items not picked up curbside or at county recycling centers.

E-CARE gives you a chance to safely dispose of potentially hazardous items like CFLs, car fluids and electronics. The Green Miles plans to drop off some old anti-freeze and a PlayStation 2 that kicked the bucket a couple of years back.

It's also a rare chance to recycle items like shoes, eyeglasses and bikes that may not be of use to you anymore, but could find a second life in a developing country. Come to think of it, it may be time to recycle my embarrassingly huge, not in style now, not in style then, not in style ever high school glasses.

Check out the
E-CARE website for a full list of what you can drop off and handling instructions. My favorite line: "Smoking is not allowed at the drop-off site." I couldn't help but be reminded of the chemical toilet from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (sorta NSFW).

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Bryon Powell said...

E-care is also a great place to drop off metal scraps that you can't recycle in your bin. I collect scrap metal in my renovations (or my yard) and finding a way to recycle it. I keep a plastic box in my basement and am always surprised by how much the box weighs whenever I bring it to e-care or the recycling center - very satisfying.