Monday, May 26, 2008

The Green Miles Conquers Old Rag Mountain

The Green Miles climbed his first mountain this weekend. Yeah, I know, how could an avowed treehugger like me have avoided it for 30 years? I didn't really get into trail hiking until relatively recently. And Northern Virginia has so many great parks and trails to explore, I've always had an excuse to stay local and avoid the two hour drive to the closest mountains.

But my roommate loves hiking Shenandoah National Park, so this weekend we headed down Route 211 to Old Rag Mountain. We took the less-challenging back route up, skipping the rock scrambles of the main trail, but it was still five miles to the 3,291-foot peak and back. As you can see below, the view was well worth it.

Get much more information about hiking Old Rag at Hiking Upward.


Eric said...

I love Old Rag. The last time we hiked it, we saw a black bear!

Fillmore Martin Photography said...

It looks beautiful! Great photos too!

Anonymous said...

That's a great hike- I did the rock scramble last year, and I think I have the exact same photo of the rock balanced at the top, only mine has my hiking partners in it.