Friday, September 19, 2008

A Beer That's Local AND Organic?

We've had a lot of serious discussion about major political and economic issues this week. But I feel strongly that it's time to get back to what really gets me motivated to blog every day: An excuse to try new beer.

I caught this in's recent interview with the Beer Activist, asking Chris O'Brien about his favorite local brews:
The production breweries in the area are great, too. Currently, I’m excited about the Oxford Organic Raspberry Wheat from Clipper City.
So I was excited to see Oxford Organic Raspberry Wheat on tap at Clarendon's Boulevard Woodgrill:

I'm not usually a fan of beer with a fruity flavor, but the Oxford Organic Raspberry Wheat's raspberry was relatively understated. I wished I'd found it at the beginning of summer, would've made a great backyard beer. And how great is the little "USDA Organic" seal at the top of the tap?

Boulevard Woodgrill always has a great selection of beer, but the real mecca of organic beer in Arlington is Busboys & Poets. They have Clipper City, Peak, Stonemill and Wolaver -- and they're half price on their Wednesday organic beer happy hour.

If you're looking for organic beer when you're out in Arlington, stop by Lost Dog Cafe, which has several organic and plenty of local options, or Tallula's EatBar, which has Samuel Smith Organic Lager (although it's way overpriced at $11.50 a bottle). Ted's Montana Grill used to have organic beer, but I don't think I saw it on the menu last time I was there. Any others in Arlington I'm missing?


Anonymous said...

You're making me thirsty!!

Googla Monster said...

At first I thought it said "A Bear that's local and organic" Oh my!