Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why "Clean" Coal is Like Dragons and Leprechauns

For more on "clean" coal and its devastating impacts on Appalachia, check out this great op-ed from Jeff Biggers.

Get more details on Joe Biden's "clean" coal comments at

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Billy Hallowell said...

Great piece! Climate change is only one of the many issues of concern awaiting the next American president. With the earth’s temperature increasing and with pressure mounting for the creation and use of more viable energy sources, there is much to be done. Yesterday, we published a quick guide entitled “Seven Things You Need to Know About Climate Change.” Please check it out at As part of our Voter’s Survival Kit we also produced an excellent non-partisan guide on climate change at Again, excellent piece!

Lauren Glickman said...

Right on miles. I made a similar analogy a couple of months ago about clean coal being a fairytale. Great minds must think alike.

Ian Wilker said...

Awesome title. Seems like things have been especially surreal this election cycle. And good clear explanation of the economics.