Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Virginia Becoming a New National Leader in War on Science

While the Bush-Cheney Era has closed, we have a new leadership team for the war on science. Welcome to the McDonnell-Bolling-Cuccinelli Era:
Richmond- Today, Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, on behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia, petitioned the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to convene a proceeding for the reconsideration of the "Endangerment and Cause or Contribute Finding for Greenhouse Gases Under Section 202(a) of the Clean Air Act"(Endangerment Finding) published by the EPA on December 15th, 2009.

The petition asks that the EPA reconvene the regulatory proceeding, provide the public with the opportunity to comment on newly available information, and provide such information to the Science Advisory Board for its review and comment.

A petition for judicial review of the endangerment finding was also filed today in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Virginia is the first state to file such petitions.
Of course, the Environmental Protection Agency has already held public hearings, taken public comment, and conducted thorough scientific reviews. The Clean Air Act itself was passed by a Democratic Congress, signed by a Republican president, and its carbon regulations were validated by the Supreme Court.

But this isn't about debate & discussion -- this is about denial & delay. Cuccinelli wants to open a new carbon loophole in the Clean Air Act so America's worst polluters can keep dumping carbon into our atmosphere and not have to pay the price. Disgusting.

Keep in mind Cuccinelli is using the office of Virginia's Attorney General, funded by your tax dollars and in a time of budget crisis, to fight for some of the world's most profitable companies, like Exxon Mobil. Those polluters are spending plenty on their own to try to keep America addicted to dirty fuels -- Exxon Mobil alone spent $27 million on lobbying last year.

Virginia faces major threats if we refuse to tackle our climate crisis. Investment in clean energy could create tens of thousands of jobs in Virginia (PDF). It's a win-win. But instead of working to move Virginia forward, Ken Cuccinelli is keeping his head buried in the sand.

What's next for the McDonnell-Bolling-Cuccinelli Era? A challenge to evolution? Fighting back against those dastardly doctors who say cigarettes kill?

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TheGreenMiles said...

For more on the national effort by big polluters to roll back the Clean Air Act's protections, visit NoDirtyAirAct.com.

Folkways Note Book said...

With that said (on your post), just think of the damage the Cuccinelli's of the nation are cooking up under the latest Supreme court decision regarding corporations buying congress!! Great site! Any suggestions how individuals can take revolutionary action to stop the ongoing take over by corporations of our country? Yes, disgusting but individuals need to wake up and stop eating bon-bons in their lazy boys. We are giving our country away along with destroying our environment.-- barbara