Thursday, July 15, 2010

Maybe The Most Annoying Thing About SUV Drivers

OK, so there are plenty of things that are most annoying about SUVs & their drivers.

You could be annoyed that their vehicles use almost twice as much fuel as everyone else's. That drives up gas prices, weakens our economy by sending $1 billion dollars a day to other countries to buy their oil, hurts our national security by boosting the economies of countries like Iran, and pollutes our air and water.

You could be annoyed they've wasted their money on vehicles that are big and bad and a terrible value. Markups on SUVs are massive and profits are huge. You're much better off getting a smaller car that's much more controllable in an emergency situation, much less likely to roll over, and much less likely to maim or kill the driver of the other vehicle.

Lately, I've been most annoyed by another factor. These people dumped a massive chunk of their annual salary on way more vehicle than they'll ever need, providing hundreds of horsepower to putter to the grocery store & to soccer practice. And yet when they're making a right turn into a shopping center, they practically come to a full stop as they gently crawl up the driveway. Come on, Canyonero, you can handle that six-inch mountain:

I have my old '99 Saturn with 121,000 miles on it that gets 35mpg highway, driving it on short trips around town about once a week. It could go at any moment anyway, so might as well squeeze every last drop out of the ol' shocks, right? I don't take any driveway slower than 45 miles an hour.

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Julie Lawson said...

Hey, my 97 Saturn made it to 150K miles before departing for Spring Hill in the Sky. At the rate you're going, you've got a few years left!

I guarantee my Focus hatchback has as much cargo room as some of these SUVs. Why do SUVs always have so much stuff strapped to the top? It really didn't fit inside? Maybe the DVD player was too big...