Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quick Thought on Arlington County School Board Race

I don't like to criticize people who run for office on issues they're passionate about but have little chance of winning -- I wish we had more of them & fewer generic, calculating, soulless politicians who stand for nothing, like, say, Virginia's lieutenant governor whose name I dare you to remember.

But Miriam Gennari, Green Party candidate for Arlington County School Board, says on her website that sustainability is her driving force. It's her whole thing. I just wish the company she's president of,, touted sustainability too. Or even had the word anywhere on its website. Makes it look like she's not practicing what she preaches.

Especially when she's challenging Sally Baird, a fighter for environmental issues even when they're controversial, like the geothermal power system at the new Wakefield High School.

Just sayin'.
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