Monday, January 10, 2011

Spotlighting Giffords' Push for Solar Power

Sometimes you only become aware of people who dedicate their lives to progress because of tragedy. (Would I know the name Harvey Milk if he hadn't been gunned down?)

I had no idea what a champion of clean energy Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was until this weekend. Here's one tribute from Anne Fischer, managing editor of Solar Novus Today:
While Giffords is a US Representative, her underlying belief in solar energy addresses global concerns: Economy and jobs; Security; the Environment. In terms of boosting the economy, the need for energy is growing and the worldwide market is currently over $6 trillion a year. Security comes from the fact that solar is local power and generating energy close to where it's being used decreases dependence on imported oil. The environmental aspect of solar is clear: Generating electricity from the sun does not emit carbon, does not dirty the air, does not create oil spills. Giffords brought these points to the people and to politicians because she knows that understanding these three key benefits is imperative to the advancement of renewable energy. We applaud the work that she has done, hope for a speedy and full recovery, and look forward to the day when all share her vision of a renewable energy future.
Learn more about Rep. Giffords' push for solar power at her website.

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