Friday, June 3, 2011

Three Blogs You'd Want on a Deserted Island

Last night at a climate happy hour, I was asking people for their three must-read blogs, columnist, writers, Twitterers, whatever. How would you get the internet on the deserted island? Uh, well ... I guess you'd have a laptop. And a solar panel, and a satellite internet thing. Oh, and a tarp to keep it all dry. There! Showed you!

Anyway, here are my three:

  • Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo
  • Matt Yglesias of Think Progress
  • And for something non-political to keep me from going insane while eating what I presume would be a steady diet of raw fish & coconuts, Drew Magary of Deadspin

That list is of course subject to change at any time - ask me tomorrow and I might say E.J. Dionne Jr.Greater Greater Washington, Grist's David Roberts, Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones, or Joe Romm of Climate Progress.

What are yours?
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