Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Virginia League of Conservation Voters Releases 2011 General Assembly Scorecard

Some quick thoughts on the just-released preliminary 2011 Virginia League of Conservation Voters General Assembly Scorecard:

  • Great to see the House delegations from Arlington, Falls Church & Fairfax scoring so well - Brink, Bulova, Ebbin, Englin, Filler-Corn, Hope, Keam, Kory, Scott, Surovell all got 100%
  • Two GOP House members in Northern Virginia swing districts scored very low - Dave Albo at 45%, Barbara Comstock at 36%. Will be interesting to see how Albo challenger Jack Dobbyn and Comstock challenger Pam Danner use those scores.
  • On the Senate side, retiring Arlington state senators Patsy Ticer & Mary Margaret Whipple both fell short of 100%. Among others, Northern Virginia's Janet Howell and Dave Marsden, progressive champ Donald McEachin and even Democratic Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw all scored 100%.
  • I'm looking forward to seeing exactly which votes they used here - no one scoring lower than 33% raises The Green Eyebrow

Here's a link to the full 2011 VA LCV GA scorecard (PDF).
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