Tuesday, June 14, 2011

White House Bashes Endangered Tortoise

Desert tortoise, Mojave DesertWhat did the White House do that so enraged former Wonkette editor Ken Layne that he had to come out of retirement to post on it?
Oh, just attack some low-paid government biologists for working really hard on an endangered species website that costs all of $125 a year — that’s a hundred-and-twenty-five dollars. Hmm, that sounds a little bit like a number Joe Biden loves to spend, but you need to add nine zeroes, because that’s what this administration spends killing American troops and robot-bombing random villagers in Afghanistan, every year: $125 billion. But spending .000000001% of that — about the price of the average household’s monthly cell-phone bill — to maintain a website about the endangered state animal of California and Nevada, the beloved desert tortoise, now that’s something Joe Biden doesn’t care for at all.
As the Los Angeles Times editorial board wrote recently, "It's possible for a president to so alienate his base that it fails to show up on election day. Something to keep in mind before November 2012 rolls around."

Photo via Flickr's man_of_mud
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