Monday, September 19, 2011

Amtrak Northeast Corridor > Flying

Flying in post-9/11 America is a unique combination of boring, stressful, and submission to authority. Taking the Amtrak from Providence to DC hasn't just been relaxing, it's been interesting. Today I've seen:

  • A fire at an industrial plant in (or just outside) New York City, with smoke pouring from the building & fire trucks out front
  • A play at the plate in a softball game (safe), which took place 300 yards from the fire
  • Four osprey fishing, likely while on their way south for the winter
  • Half a dozen people fishing, which relaxes me just watching them

Yes, it takes longer. But I've gotten a ton of work done & had a pretty good time doing it. The only downside: Amtrak's cafe car remains unfriendly to my reusable mug, but then again airline flight attendants aren't any friendlier.
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