Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Opponents of Clean Energy Never Think They Sound Crazy

Foghorn Leghorn SingingOver at Time's Swampland blog, Massimo Calabresi spends hundreds of words goofily mocking clean energy, including a Foghorn Leghorn reference (really). Calabresi simultaneously claims that wind power doesn't employ enough people to be considered anything more than a "fantasy" AND that it employs so many people as to be "totally unscalable." See? Whether the wind power industry adds jobs or loses jobs, it proves his point! This is how you get to be a Beltway Insider Journalist.

That's right! Calabresi isn't an opinion columnist - he's Time's Washington correspondent. Can you imagine the demands for Calabresi to resign if he'd similarly bashed coal?

But at the end of the article, there's one sentence that pushes this article past Tired Conventional Wisdom and into Colbert-esque self-parody:
I'm all for innovation and believe in government investments to fuel it.
It may be the least self-conscious statement I've ever read. Look, just because I spent this entire column bashing innovation and government investments to fuel it doesn't mean I'm some mindless shill for our outdated, failed energy policies! Clearly I am a forward thinker, because I just said so!
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