Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Saudi Arabia Aims to be the Saudi Arabia of Solar Power

Parabolic trough power plant MojaveWhen an opponent of renewable energy claims North Dakota is the Saudi Arabia of oil shale, or Canada is the Saudi Arabia of tar sands, it's a dead giveaway they don't know what they're talking about.

You know who's the Saudi Arabia of oil? Saudi Arabia. And considering the United States has just 2% of the world's oil reserves while consuming 20% of the world's produced oil, we're stuck buying lots of oil from whoever will sell it to us at whatever price they demand.

Now here's the kicker: Saudi Arabia knows it won't be the Saudi Arabia of oil forever. That's why it's taking our oil money and spending it on becoming the Saudi Arabia of solar power.

Meanwhile, Republicans like Mitt Romney, George Allen and Scott Brown are trying to cut renewable energy subsidies and count on that 2% to meet our energy needs. It's a plan to drill to nowhere.
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