Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan Pledge to Put Oil Above All

An analysis of the Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan "energy" plan from the League of Conservation Voters:
  • Number of Pages: 21 
  • Number of Words: 10,272
  • Mentions of Oil: 154
  • Mentions of Wind: 10 (5 of them Negatively) 
  • Mentions of Solar: 14 (4 of them Negatively) 
  • Mentions of Wind Energy Production Tax Credit: 0
  • Mentions of Climate Change:
  • Mentions of Romney’s Plan to Continue Oil Subsidies:
  • Mentions of Oil & Gas Interests Donating More Than $2,600,000 to His Campaigns: 0
  • Mentions of Koch Brothers Pledging to Spend $200,000,000+ to Elect Him: 0
Check out a more detailed analysis of the Romney-Ryan oil-above-all plan from the Center for American Progress.

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