Friday, November 9, 2012

If You Don't Want People Parking in Your Driveway, Why Have a Driveway?

Seen while knocking on doors in New Bedford:

 Why would you give up a chunk of your yard and pay someone to pave it over if not to encourage your home's visitors to park there? Do people deliberately park in a stranger's driveway, then just walk off to go shopping? Considering a company mass-produces these signs, is this a widespread problem?

Makes you wonder if every house has a driveway in most communities because residents demand one, or if every house has a driveway because that's just what you're supposed to do in car-centric America.


Ruth Cooper said...

Miles, I had to comment. Especially after reading your closing line about health hazzards ;)

You should consider sending your anti-wind activists to Ontario, Canada; lots of exciting action going on here. Consider giving them the following map to facilitate congregating in the right places

2 wind turbines?! And activists complaining. You must be joking?!

Keep up the cool blogging and please send me a No Parking in Driveway sign :) In older 'lower' Hamilton, Ontario, most of us don't even have driveways - I would love to be able to post such a sign.


Ruth Cooper said...

Sorry for the mis-post, I didn't realise that I was posting vs. sending you a message. Most of my comment pertains to your Fairhaven Windfarm post :( I will go there & post as well :)