Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Winter" in Boston

Running on thin ice"Winter" 2015-2016 in Boston so far:
  • December 2015: 10.6 degrees above average (warmest on record)
  • January 2016: +3.5
  • February 2016:  +3.0
  • March (through 3/12): +4.8
It was the second-warmest meterological winter (December-February) on record in Boston. All of the three warmest have come since 2001.

Hey, it's hard to complain about a winter in Boston that was closer to Washington, DC temperatures. But what's a New England winter without pond hockey? And my wife got her first bug bite of the year yesterday, a reminder payback comes due in the spring and summer when pests run wild after warm winters.

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