Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Action Alerts: Environmental Protection & Smoke-Free Virginia

I'm hoping to get another post up later today on that new global warming report. For now, wanted to pass along two more action alerts on legislation in Virginia. Why do I keep posting them here? Living in Arlington, I'm represented by Del. Al Eisenberg and Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple, who already take the green point of view on most issues. While I'll contact them from time to time to let them know I support their efforts, I'm preaching to the choir. But if you're reading this blog from a more conservative district in another part of the state, your action could make a real difference in the outcome of the vote.

* The Virginia League of Conservation Voters is asking you to contact your senator or delegate to oppose legislation that would deprive Virginians of their voice in environmental permitting decisions.

* A bill to ban smoking in workplaces (including bars & restaurants) is up for a vote in the Virginia Senate tomorrow, and the American Lung Association of Virginia has posted an action alert urging you to call or email your state senators to make sure they support the legislation.
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