Friday, February 23, 2007

General Assembly Updates: Dominion "Re-regulation" & Smoking Ban

The General Assembly has passed legislation to give Dominion wide latitude to build new coal-fired power plants with only voluntary measures for renewable energy, conservation, and energy efficiency. Please contact Gov. Kaine and tell him to veto this bad bill!

As for smoking legislation, Sen. Brandon Bell is trying one last way to get a smoking ban through. With Bell's support, the Senate passed a bill that would actually eliminate the requirement that restaurants have nonsmoking sections. That could allow Gov. Kaine to amend the bill to include a workplace smoking ban:
Killing a governor-amended version of the bill would require a floor vote in the full House, [Virginians for a Healthy Future Chair Cathleen Smith] Grzesiek said.

"We'll get an up or down vote from the House," Grzesiek said.

That's been something her coalition has been pushing for since last year, and it would allow advocates to target individuals who vote against a smoking ban.
At long last, every member of the House would finally have to step out of the shadows and publically state their position on a smoking ban. Who are they beholden to, Virginia's citizens or the tobacco companies? Even if the ban failed, at least the people blocking it would have to wear that badge of shame on the campaign trail this fall, when every member of the General Assembly is up for re-election.
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