Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Attention Cheapskate Treehuggers: Save on Gas, Give a Free Gift

I was listening to NPR yesterday as they talked about how some cities aren't waiting for the federal government to finally act on carbon emissions. They're trying to meet the Kyoto protocols themselves:
But it won't be easy. Boulder and other cities face a problem with tailpipe emissions. After electricity generation, the second-biggest source of greenhouse gases is vehicles. Even in Boulder, where you can bike or take a bus anywhere, Cohen sighs, "People like their cars."
I heard this story as I was driving in my car. Awkward. At least I was ride-sharing and carrying back a full carload of stuff from Target, so it was a worthy use of a car trip.

But a new program from Arlington County's Fresh AIRE may be just the thing to get you to change at least one of your unnecessary trips:
Looking for a special gift to mark a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or graduation…or just because? How about a gift that honors a person or milestone and helps our environment at the same time?

As part of Arlington’s Fresh AIRE Initiative, Arlington County has designated 1200 “giving trees” for planting this year. Trees will be planted by the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Resources in various locations in the County. There is no charge to “gift” a tree, but you must be an Arlington County resident to participate.

Trees will be planted by County staff on public land. The recipient will receive a handsome electronic certificate praising your environmental effort and announcing your gift. Although we will not be able to identify the exact tree you are giving, the County Parks department has committed to planting one tree for every certificate sent.

All you have to do to be eligible to gift a tree is commit to reduce emissions by NOT driving!

Here’s how to gift a tree to someone:

1. Choose whom you would like to honor by having a tree planted
2. Commit to reduce your own emissions by not driving somewhere
3. Tell us the specifics of your commitment so we can calculate the savings.
4. Bask in gratitude from your recipient when they receive their electronic Gift a Tree certificate from you!

To gift a tree, go here!
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