Thursday, September 20, 2007

Arlington County Board Green-Lights EnviroCAB

Great news in this morning's Washington Post:
The Arlington County Board this week authorized a new taxi company to operate with an all-hybrid fleet of 50 vehicles and gave rival companies permission to add 35 hybrids. Hybrid cars are fuel-efficient and produce low carbon emissions, a byproduct blamed for such environmental problems as global warming.

After a lengthy public hearing, the board approved the application of EnviroCAB, a new company, to operate the all-hybrid fleet of 50 Toyota Prius and Ford Escape cabs. It also accepted the county manager's proposal to allow existing taxi companies to add 35 hybrids. [...] The hybrids will charge the same as standard vehicles.

Board member
Chris Zimmerman (D) said residents will be able to choose whether they want to ride in a standard taxi or a hybrid. "The burden of proof needs to fall in favor of choice," he said.

EnviroCAB's 50-vehicle fleet will be owned by drivers; the company will provide dispatch service. Red Top Cab will add 20 hybrid taxis, Crown Cab 10 and Yellow Cab five.

The 85 hybrid taxis and a wheelchair-accessible vehicle operated by Friendly Cab will join 666 cabs now authorized in Arlington.
Please thank the board for allowing hybrid cabs to come to Arlington! As soon as enviroCAB gets up and running, I'll be sure to pass along their phone number.
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