Monday, June 2, 2008

Ask Sen. Webb to Support Climate Security Act

The U.S. Senate opens debate today on the Climate Security Act. It's by far the strongest global warming legislation to make it this far in Congress. Check out Grist for the long version of the bill and its journey to the floor.

The Climate Security Act aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions by setting up a cap-and-trade system, putting a price on global warming pollution. Revenues from the program would be used to promote the development of new low-emissions and efficient technologies, helping low- and middle-income families with energy costs, and preserving America’s natural resources. The legislation would also allocate resources to states and tribes to assist with local global warming efforts.

Some greens are complaining the targets aren't tough enough. While deeper cuts would be ideal, the current ones are still light years ahead of anything even Democrats are proposing here in Virginia. The Climate Security Act would cut national emissions 19% from current levels by 2020 and close to 70% by 2050, while Gov. Kaine's Virginia Energy Plan would only aim for a 7% cut from current levels by 2025.

While Sen. Warner is a co-sponsor of the bill, Sen. Webb hasn't yet indicated if he'll support it. Please take a few minutes to call Sen. Webb right now at (202) 224-4024 to ask him to strengthen and pass the Climate Security Act.

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