Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No Thanks, We'll Keep Blowing Up Mountains

Off-shore Wind Farm TurbineWhile Virginia keeps getting its power from blown up mountains, Cory Nealon of the Newport News Daily Press reports:
Offshore wind power could exceed Virginia's current electricity demand and create up to 26,660 in-state jobs, according to a report issued Tuesday.

Written by Oceana, an ocean-oriented environmental group, the report examines the East Coast. It found that wind farms could supply nearly half the region's current electricity generation and provide up to 212,000 jobs.

The report looked at water that averages at least 12.5 mph winds, is three to 24 miles off the coast, and is no deeper than 100 feet. It excluded 67 percent of these areas due to potential military, environmental and shipping conflicts.
Check out Cory's blog, The Deadrise, featuring some of Virginia's best (and let's face it, these days only) local environmental journalism. You can also follow him on Twitter.
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