Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stumblin' & Bumblin' NoVA GOP Strikes Again

In the 8th Congressional district, the Republican Party has a clear pattern:
  • Whine about how Democrats always win
  • Nominate candidates who run on the national GOP platform & don't even try to pretend to represent the district's values
  • Hire staffers more interested in catching the national party's attention for their next job than actually trying to win
  • Lose horribly
  • Repeat
Which brings us to the story of the Patrick Murray campaign staffer who thinks bashing Al Gore & denying global warming is a winning campaign strategy in one of the greenest Congressional districts in the entire country that Gore won by 15 points in 2000. I think Jim Moran will take "attacks" like that any day. Lowell has the full story at

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