Thursday, May 19, 2011

Police Cars With Lights On & Horns Honking Are Lousy At Catching Goats

I appreciate that these police officers in Gaithersburg wanted to be able to keep up with this goat & make sure it didn't harm itself or others, but ... chasing it probably isn't the best way to get it to settle down:

Why didn't anyone give it a minute to calm down & offer it some food?
A group of well-meaning citizens then came up empty handed when the goat wandered into a courtyard of a nearby apartment complex.

“I done grew up with goats,” said one hard-breathing man. “All you need is some bread.”
That's good thinking, Hard-Breathing Man!

And if all else fails, you know who I'd call? A cowboy monkey riding a border collie horse:

Via Gaithersburg Patch
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