Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Green Miles Migrates North

You may have noticed more and more Massachusetts-related posts here, and it's true: After 10 years in Northern Virginia, The Green Miles is taking his talents to South Coast.

I'm moving to New Bedford, MA to live with my girlfriend, who's already been mentioned here. I'll also be closer to my family and in a more forgiving climate than DC's global warming-fueled record heat and storms. And fortunately, the National Wildlife Federation* will continue to let me work for them from MA, so I'll still be menacing science deniers nationwide.

While I'll continue to watch & weigh in on Virginia politics, I'll be getting more connected in Massachusetts. Step one: Saying goodbye to my Tom Perriello bumper sticker & replacing it with an Elizabeth Warren:

Coincidentally, this is my 1,500th post here at Thanks for reading over the last six years, and I hope you'll stay with me through more milestones in Massachusetts!

* - The Green Miles is my personal blog. The opinions here are mine alone and do not reflect the positions of the National Wildlife Federation.
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